We are VanRuby, the Vancouver Ruby & Rails meetup group. Since 2007, we hack on open source / personal projects, and organize talks to learn from each other. All skill levels are welcome!

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We get together once a month to talk about awesome things happening in the Ruby community. Join our meetup group.

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If you love Ruby or hacking on things, you're in good company! Vancouver has a friendly, bustling Ruby and open source community.


Slack: We hang out in the YVR Dev slack community on #ruby.

Forum: You can also find us on The VancouverTech Discourse Forum.

Twitter: Just use hashtag #VanRuby when talking about anything VanRuby related - especially at our events. We're working on acquiring the abandoned @VanRuby username to post event updates and information.

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We run a meetup every month, with speakers or a chance for the community to give lightning talks

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