We are VanRuby, the Vancouver Ruby & Rails meetup group. We hack on open source / personal projects, and organize talks to learn from each other. All skill levels are welcome!

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Big Meetups

Roughly once a month we congregate to talk about awesome things happening in the Ruby community. Join our meetup group.

Dev Nights

Now organized by Polyglot Vancouver. More details on their Meetup page.

Cool People

If you love Ruby or hacking on things, you're in good company! Vancouver has a friendly, bustling Ruby and open source community.


Slack: We hang out in the YVR Dev slack community on #ruby. (Click the slack button above for invite)

Twitter: Just use hashtag #VanRuby when talking about anything VanRuby related - especially at our events. We're working on acquiring the abandoned @VanRuby username to post event updates and information.

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Sign up at our Vancouver Ruby Meetup page

We hope to run a proper meetup every month, with speakers or a chance for the community to give lightning talks

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