Here is a list of companies that developers in or around Vancouver are working for. Kindly first put together from Eric Brooke.

To be a part of these 72 companies working with Ruby, modify the company list and submit a Pull Request.

Name Codebase Market Location Team Size ? Other Technologies Ruby role
ACL Rails Finance/Audit Coal Harbour, Vancouver Medium
ActiveState Ruby Enterprise/IT Downtown Vancouver Large Sinatra, Go, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, Perl, Tcl, Bash, Java, MongoDB, Postgresql, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, Harbor, Jenkins Stackato
Amazon Rails HR/IS - Internal Vancouver Small Web App
Ayogo Rails/Ruby Gaming/Health Downtown Vancouver Micro
Bardell Enterainment Rails Gaming/?? Vancouver ?
BMC Rails Analytics/IT Vancouver ?
Brewhouse Rails | Ruby | Sinatra Product Agency / Consultants Vancouver Small Angular, Ember, React, JavaScript
Casting Workbook Rails/Ruby Job/Actors/Film/TV Vancouver Small ASP, .NET, Angular, MS SQL, Postgres API/ Web App/SOA
Claris Healthcare Rails Health/Video Vancouver Micro Backbone,Android,Coffeescript,Postgres,Heroku Web App, API
Clio Rails Legal/Documents Burnaby, Vancouver Large Angular, Mobile
CodeCore Rails Teaching/Bootcamp Vancouver Micro
Contractually Rails Legal/Documents Vancouver Micro SalesForce
Deversus Rails Software/ Consultant/ Coders for hire Vancouver Micro
domain7 Rails Marketing Vancouver Micro
E-xact Transactions Ruby Payments/Transaction Processing Vancouver Medium MySQL, node.js, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, Elasticsearch
econveyance Rails Legal Downtown/coal harbour Micro team (2-3 Dev, 1 QA) .NET Web App
EMRIS Rails Web 3.0 Vancouver Micro Cassandra DB, Ember.js Web App
Envisio Rails business stratgey Vancouver Micro
Ethelo Decisions Rails Business Intelligence Vancouver ?
Flowmail Rails Marketing/Email Vancouver ?
Foodee Rails Food/Delivery Vancouver Micro Angular, JavaScript, MySQL, Postgres, Python, Wordpress Web App, API
Glacier Info Group Rails/Ember Real Estate Vancouver/Olympic Village ~5 Rails, Ember, Clojure, Postgres
GuestFolio Rails CRM/Hotel Whilster Micro
Heroku PaaS Gastown
Hubifi Rails Marketing/Community Victoria Micro
IGENO Rails Analytics/Tourisim Vancouver
Intergalactic Agency Inc. Rails Software/ Consultant/ Coders for hire Yaletown, Vancouver Micro Angular, MySQL, Postgres, PHP, iOS, Android Web App, API
IT Glue Rails/Ruby IT/Documentation Vancouver Small Angular, React Web App, API
Kickstarter / Drip Rails/Ruby Crowdfunding Vancouver Medium Rails, React, GraphQL
Kidzworld Rails/Ruby Social Network Vancouver Small
Klue Rails/Ruby? Business Intelligence Vancouver Micro
Koinify Rails Finance/Currency Vancouver/Seattle Micro
Latero Labs Rails Software/ Consultant/ Coders for hire Vancouver Micro
Len Desk Rails Finance/loans Vancouver Small Angular
Lighthouse Labs Rails/Ruby Teaching/Bootcamp Vancouver Micro
Liquet Rails Internet of Things Vancouver Micro Angular
Medeo Rails Health/Video Vancouver Small/Micro?
meowbox Rails Shopping/Cats Vancouver Micro Web App
Mobio Rails Social Network/Celebrities Vancouver Micro Postgres Web App
Mogo Ruby Finance/loans Vancouver Small?
mybesthelper Rails Job/babysitter Vancouver Micro MySQL Web App
Nano 3 Labs Rails/Ruby Product and Software Consultants Vancouver & Montreal React, Redux Web Apps, Native Apps
Noomii Rails/Ruby Job/coaches Vancouver Micro
Omnistream Rails CRM/Support Vancouver Micro Angular/Coffeescript, /Postgres/Heroku Web App, API
Payroll Hero Rails Payroll Whistler Small
Perch Rails Video streaming Vancouver Micro
Promo Rails Marketing/Mobile/SME Vancouver Micro Angular
PurpleLion Rails HR/Recruiting/Marketing Vancouver Micro
Rise People Rails Payroll/HR/Benefits Vancouver Small Angular, Postgres, Node, Php, Docker, AWS Web App, API
Robot Overlord Ruby/Rails Product agency & AI Vancouver + remote Micro Ruby/Python/JS/Elixir/Clojure/Haskell/React/Om APIs & Web Apps
Sage Rails Finance/ Accounting Richmond Large .NET
Shopify Rails/Ruby Commerce Platform Vancouver Large React, GraphQL Web App, API
Social Chorus Rails/Ruby Marketing/Social Vancouver Small
Spacelist Rails Rental Vancouver Micro
Spark Rails Real Estate Vancouver Medium Rails, Postgres, AWS Web App, API
STAT Search Analytics Ruby/Rails/JavaScript Marketing analytics Vancouver Small ExtJS/MySQL/Mongo/Redis/Resque Data collection/Web app/API
Strutta Rails Marketing/Contests Vancouver Micro
Super Good Rails/Ruby Software Consultancy Victoria Small Ruby on Rails, Solidus/Spree
Talemetry Rails HR/Application Tracking System Richmond, Vancouver Medium Backbone
TeamPages Rails SportsCMS Vancouver Micro
thinkific Rails Marketing/Learning Vancouver Micro
Traction Guest Rails Visitor Management System Burnaby, Vancouver Small Go, Postgresql, NodeJS, Redis, AWS, Docker, Heroku, Cordova Traction Guest Jobs
Unbounce Rails Marketing/Landing Pages Vancouver Small?
Venture Media Labs Rails Multiple Products Vancouver Small objective C, Java
VenueSpot Rails Bidding/Venues bid to host event Vancouver Micro Angular
Vin65 Rails Shopping/Wine Vancouver Medium Angular, AWS, Aurora, Postgres, MSSQL, Circle CI
Wannawatchit Rails Review/Events/Movies Vancouver Micro Web App
Wealthbar Rails Finance/Investment Vancouver Micro
Weddingful Rails Shopping/Weddings Vancouver Micro Web App
Wintermarket Rails/Ruby Software/ Consultant/ Coders for hire Vancouver Micro
Wishpond Rails Marketing/multiple products Coal Harbour, Vancouver Small Angular, MySQL
Zozi Rails Booking/Shopping/ Tourism Vancouver ?